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PREMIUM DECKS is a Fargo based business that began operations in the spring of 2001'.    In our first decade of business we handled a variety of exciting projects covering many miles that kept our tools turning throughout the entire deck building seasons.  Project after project we delivered a quality product that is built to last, had a custom unique style, and was crafted with precise detail.  We thank everyone for the business and look forward to 2011'.   Premium Decks has received superior ratings from all customers to date.

PREMIUM DECKS specializes in the construction of decks, gazebos, pergolas, trellises, and outdoor lighting.  We concentrate entirely on perfecting and being the absolute best in these areas and do not lose focus by engaging in other various construction projects.

Ownership:  Premium Decks is owned and operated by Zach Fluto & Tom Harrington.  Zach & Tom have a combined 34 years of experience in the decking industry. 

Premium  Quality:  Premium Decks is a company that is solely based on putting out the highest quality product in the market.  We have not and will not ever bypass any steps in the construction process that effect the overall quality of a project.   Our craftsmen give all their attention to the project at hand from start to finish without any unannounced delays.  Our structural guarantee eliminates risk on future costs of restoration. We also leave your yard cleaner at completion of a project than it was when we arrived.

Craftsmanship:  Premium Decks places experienced personnel in your backyard throughout the entire construction process.   We have one owner supervising the project with an experience forman and craftsman carrying out the construction process.  Our formans have been with the company for over 5 years.    It would be a great injustice to customers to sell on quality and craftsmanship and have inexperienced carpenters work on the project. 

Estimating Process:  The first step is to set up a convenient time for an initial meeting at your house with either owner Zach or Tom.  We encourage both husband and wife to be present.  During this time we will overview Premium Decks quality, available materials and products, budget concerns, purpose and function of your deck, and design ideas that you have for your future outdoor living space.  We will also page through a photo album of different deck designs and options that you can use to add beauty to your deck  After all ideas and thoughts are shared we will then schedule a suitable time for the next appointment.  In the time between appointments your future deck will be designed with "Deck Tools" , the best deck design software on the market today.  We will have a 3D image of what the deck will look like attached to your house!     In the 2nd appointment we will discuss all aspects of the design for your future deck.   The design will be accompanied by a fully itemized estimate.  If everything is agreed upon, we will have you sign a contract with a start up date to begin construction.

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