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A deck is much more than something attached to your home. When constructed well, a deck elevates the look of your house & potentially adds value to your property. The first thing in customizing a deck that accomplishes everything you could possibly want is the initial deck design. Here at Premium Decks in Fargo, ND, we’ve come up with a quick and easy list that you may want to consider when beginning to design the deck of your dreams.

The Purpose Of Your Deck

Do you have an idea of what you want to do with your new deck? Yes, in North Dakota and Minnesota, time is limited for you to enjoy the outdoors, but the nice weather we do have is when most want to have a dedicated place to grill and simply enjoy the outdoors. Is this you? Or, is there a bigger picture? Some people build decks for large family reunions they host while others plan neighborhood or even co-worker parties for many to come and enjoy. The importance of building a deck with the ideal support to handle your planned use is crucial. A hot tub, for instance, adds extra weight and requires custom calculations to make it perfect. Take a moment and think about how you plan to use your space so the deck design planning process goes smoothly for you.

The Deck’s Location

You may already have a deck and simply want to replace what is currently there. When we work with residents on replacement decks, we sometimes recreate the structure of the old deck. When we do this, the ideal design you want ends up limiting you. Don’t feel like you “need” to use the existing structure. Even if we decide to reuse the current house door & general location of your current deck, we can certainly change up the design of your new deck to support your current lifestyle, needs and wants. Shifting the deck to the left or right, or even adding a wrap-around balcony will make very noticeable differences in the functionality of your deck. You may have a current location that you think has too much sun during the day? This is where we explore the idea of a pergola or gazebo to add some shade or keep you from the bugs to enjoy.

Underneath Your Deck

Yes, it’s quite obvious that adding a deck takes away yard space. But this doesn’t have to happen if you still want to use some of that space that the new deck now occupies. Here are some options for under-the-deck space:

The list is large with deck planning. The better you plan, the more questions you ask and the quality of deck builder you ultimately hire will go a long way. Here at Premium Decks, we would like to be the ones to help you out. You’ll be amazed by how much easier and smoother the process will go with the experience & guidance of a seasoned deck company.

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